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Local Delivery - $12.00 (Charges vary for surrounding areas).

50% deposit required when ordering. VISA and MASTERCARD available.
Prices subject to change and Items may vary due to seasonal availability.

Allow 24 hours when ordering. Minimum order of 8 people.

We use Environmentally Friendly disposable place settings. Napkins and Utensils available upon request for an extra 15%.

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Please note that prices are subject to change due to yummy ingredient availability!

Online Catering Menu

Request for 100% Vegan & Gluten Free orders are more than welcomed!


Assortments of Fresh Baked Muffins, Fresh Baked
Banana Bread, Fresh Baked mini cheese croissants, Served with
Cream Cheese, Karine’s own home made Preserves,
Butter and Fresh Fruits…………. $14.99 per person

What is better than ever-so-decadent
Home made Golden Crepes Filled with Tasty Stewed Apples, Bathed in Cinnamon and Icing Sugar, finished with Fresh Fruits and Syrup………… $14.99 per person

Granola, Banana Slices and 2% Yogurt doted with Green Pistachios , Toasted
Almonds, finished with Fruits and a splash of Honey…………… $13.99 per person

Portions of Brie, Chevre and Cheddar
Cheeses arranged beautifully with an assortment of
Fresh Fruits and Crackers……. $18.99 per person

Freshly Brewed Coffee and Tea is delivered to your door in our carafes.
$2.50 per person ($35.00 Deposit required)

Karine’s Fresh Squeezed Orange Juices  $7.00 per glass
Organic Fresh Squeezed Lemonade          $6.00 per glass
Tropicana Juices or Perrier                         $3.50 per glass
Assorted soft drinks & Spring Water        $2.25 per glass
V8 Juice or Iced Tea                                      $3.50 per glass

* Disposable place settings, napkins and utensils available upon request, for an extra 18%

  • Local Delivery – $20.00 (Charges vary for surrounding areas)
  • Allow 24 hours when ordering. Minimum order 8 people.
  • 50% deposit required when ordering. VISA and MASTERCARD available.
  • Prices subject to change and Items may vary due to seasonal availability.

* Applicable taxes not included.

LAST MINUTE GUESTS? Please don’t panic!
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Small serves 10-15 | Large serves 20-25

What is better than a variety of elegant and creative APPETIZERS or FINGER FOODS to start up a fun and friendly get together for any occasion. From Karine’s to your tables, we are sure to have your guest’s taste buds worked with pleasure and delight.

Prosciuto Wrapped Asparagus……………………..Small  $70.99              Large  $99.00

Vegetarian Stuffed Mushrooms ……………………Small  $55.99           Large  $75.99

Cheddar Cheese Tartlets…………………………….Small  $55.99               Large  $75.99

Gruyere Cheese Puffs…………………………………Small 65.99            Large  $85.99

Crab Cakes with Chives and Capers……………….Small  $65.99               Large  $85.99

Mini Vegetarian Pizzas………………………………Small  $55.99              Large  $75.99

Mini SFEIHA (Meat & Pine nuts) Pizza………….Small  $59.99              Large  $79.99

Feta Cheese & Spinach Rolls……………………….Small  $65.99              Large  $95.99

Mozzarella & Cheddar mini Croissants………….Small  $65.99              Large  $95.99

Pressed 2% Yogurt Balls…………………………….Small  $45.99              Large  $65.99

Crisp garden fresh vegetables served with one of our homemade dips. Dip Choices: Bomba or Hummus or Babaganouj or Labneh or Sour cream with Dill. Extra dip portion $14.99each.

Small $75.99          Large $ 95.99


Cubed and sliced cheeses, multi types of whole wheat crackers and unlimited fresh fruits put together to create “The Party’s Favourite” of your table.

Small  $89.99      Large $109.99


Fruits & Fruits & again fruits! The sky is the limit when you order this beautiful assorted fruit platter. Don’t miss this one for any of your gathering.

Small $69.99       Large $89.99

Lightly marinated with chives and rosemary, this combination of Roasted vegetables in mini pitas, Sun dried sweet pepper spread flat bread, Pesto crushed tofu rolls and ZAATAR fingers (Lebanese thyme) will offer true satisfaction to everyone.

Small $89.99         Large $109.99

Smoked salmon bites, Smoked Eggplants, Roasted sweet Peppers, Grilled White Cheese, Grilled Portobello’s in Balsamic vinaigrette, garnished with olives and served with an assortment of sliced Whole Wheat and White Breads. We will gladly add Rice Bread to your order for Gluten Free Guests for an extra $15%

Small $99.99           Large $139.99

Heavenly yet real, our smoked salmon is served with large capers, fresh lemon slices, cream cheese, shaved red onion and Whole Wheat multigrain rounds.

$15.99per person

“A centerpiece like no other.” Fresh jumbo shrimps and calamari grilled to perfection, presented tall and finished with roasted lemons and anis sticks.

Small $110.99           Large $169.99

“Lebanon’s culinary treasure”

Lebanese people could never get enough to gather with friends and family and enjoy together these multiple delicious small dishes MEZZAS for hours and hours. They always believed in EATING WELL AND LIVING WELL. At Karine’s, we cherish the good life and great experiences we have had in our Beautiful Beirut, and we would like to offer you some of the most delicious ones.

Most of our MEZZAS Platters are 100% Vegan and include the pita chips

(2 pieces/person)

SMALL                       LARGE

Falafel Platter with Taratour                    $50.00                      $80.00  Vegan

Hummus Platter                                           $45.00                  $65.00  Vegan

Babaganouj Platter                                     $55.00                      $75.00  Vegan

Tabbouleh Platter                                        $59.99                  $79.99Vegan

Fattoush  Salad                                            $59.00                       $79.00  Vegan

Chickpea Salad                                            $45.00                       $65.00  Vegan

Spinach and Bean Salad                           $55.00                      $75.00  Vegan

Nutty beetroot Salad                                              $55.00                      $75.00  Vegan

Roasted potato & yams salad                                 $55.00                       $75.00  Vegan

Rolled wine leaves                                     $75.00                       $95.00  Vegan

Stuffed Eggplants                                       $85.00                       $105.00  Vegan

Manakeish with tomato                          $55.00                        $75.00  Vegan

Manakeish Zaatar (Thyme)                   $55.00                        $75.00  Vegan

Cocktail “KEBBEH”                                  $79.99                        $99.99  Meat

Your requests are highly appreciated and gracefully fulfilled. Just let us know!

Bon Appetit to ALL!

Join us everyday for delicious 100% gluten free / vegan cupcakes and cookies made with lots of love by Karine and Stephanie

Add these cupcakes to your next special event for your guest to enjoy.

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Don’t forget to check out Treat by Karine, our delicious range of Vegan and Gluten Free cupcakes, cookies and creams. Just ask when placing your order!

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